Check out the gallery "collections" button. These collections will allow viewers to order prints. This is a big topic for me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not trying to make a salary off firemen. If it wasn't for a certain staircase, I'd still be one. I give my photos (digital) of firefighters out for free. Department Chiefs/Officers/Points of Contact and FM's get the images for free for department use, or distribution to the membership for personal use. This has been and will remain my policy.

Even though they get them for free and can print themselves, many members reach out to me, to have me print the image as a way to support me. Ask my wife, the money earned from this isn't exactly putting food on our table or our kids through college. But it's enough to help cover costs like gas, equipment, web fees, etc. ANYWAY, buy them or not, support me or not, the images will keep coming.

"The driving factor in my fire photography; memorializing the hard work of remarkably dedicated people, so that when they are gone we can remember the good they've done."

—Dave Hernandez

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